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Artist Bio

I was born in an impoverished, tumultuous, pocket of Ahmadabad, India. I immigrated to the United States with my older sister when I was ten years old. Arriving in Columbus, Ohio and with the help of great mentors, I learned to follow my dreams and made lifelong friends. While attending The Ohio State University, I discovered and began my love of the glass medium. Over the next ten years, I took a journeyman’s approach to learning, working with artists from the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Japan. In 2016, after ten years of traveling the world and absorbing numerous external practices, I’m starting the most arduous chapter; the affirmation of my own internal, artistic voice.


Artist Statement

My art is my sanctuary, visual metaphors of overcoming personal challenges and practicing personal growth. Formally, my art is informed by Islamic culture and architecture. I utilize a similar color pallet derived from the melody of ancient, natural elements like: stone, metal, water and sky. I also want to connect with the viewer and convey to them the same emotional experience my art provides me. I want to share the silent, profound, calmness I feel during their creation and the wash of serenity when I view them.